Hi Rudeofus. Point taken; I have been meandering.

However... I started out to answer post #43, where keyofnight, in his pdf file, noticed a discrepancy. The TANK solution is essentially MORE CONCENTRATED than the REPLEN. I figure this cannot possibly be a "correct" formulation.

I made some guesses as to how this might work, but later looked through some MSD sheets for SM chemicals, and found that my guesses don't work either - the restrainer is in the only part, A, that uses the same amount for both. There is more wrong, but I'll spare you that.

Since Rudi indicates things are likely solved, but I don't see it, I went back through the entire thread, following the links, etc. About the only thing I come up with is that keyofnight uses a Kodak part# that, per the Z-manual, is specified as a "tank" version. Even though it is called C41 SM, just like the replenisher versions. So my best guess now is that the "tank" version is formulated differently and that there is no point comparing the "tank" vs "replen" mix ratios because they're two different animals sharing the same name. (Wish they would have named it differently, though; SM is supposed to be the plug-n-play machine version where the operator never comes into contact with the chemicals.)

Anyway, I really don't know if the problem is solved or not. I wouldn't trust it without a confirmation test.