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Just curious to see how much the last 25 years has changed the field of photography...

Just for fun!

Okay, back in 1988, what were you using for:
(1) Top most-used camera?
(2) Top most-used film?
(3) Top most-used paper?
(4) B&W enlarger, color enlarger, other printing equipment?

If 1988's too specific, we can just say "the 1980s". :-)
The start of my high school experience.

1. Using an Olympus OM-10 and saving for a Nikon F4s which I bought summer of 89. I wanted AF and to do sports. The Nikon was good for either (but not both at the same time). I had a OM77af for a very brief time and quickly learned Olympus wasn't going to be a player in autofocus motor driven cameras. I put off buying a vehicle for a year or two to afford the camera and it was a good move.
2. I started out using whatever the school gave me.. then changed to what I'm using right now to this day... Tmax 400 for a mix of personal and school use. Nobody else used it because it was slow to wash and responsive to changes in development. I wanted the finer grain.
3. Polycontrast RC or Ilford Multigrade RC. Still using Ilford. Didn't care for the kodak printing on the back of the kodak paper.
4. I used whatever they had in the school lab. I soon got setup myself with a used Omega Chromega-B dichroic from a deceased photographer. Still using it, though I've added a 4x5 enlarger.