(1) Top most-used camera? Canon A-1 w/50mm f1.4 & 35-105 f/3.5 Macro; still occasionally used.

(2) Top most-used film? "Memory Fail!" -- probably mostly Kodak Ektar 125 -- but I was pretty loose; mostly Kodak though. In earlier years I shot slides, but gravitated to mostly color negative and prints by sometime in the 1970s.

(3) Top most-used paper? Whatever the lab gave me! I usually opted for Kodak/Qualex processing back then.

(4) B&W enlarger, color enlarger, other printing equipment? In the 1980s I was almost 100% shooting color and getting it processed outside. I had a couple of homemade enlargers (35mm & 4x5) and had done B&W up into the early 1970s, but pretty well let that gather dust as I fell into the path of least resistance.

(And I've been doing some shooting and processing since around 1958!)