Hey all---1st post here

Was surfing around doing some research on a possible new camera(digital!) purchase when I just decided to google "Altman Camera"
to see what might pop-up and ended up here.

I was there at the end! Worked in 1st floor camera sales and up in the "catwalk" Don't even remember how long I was there.Probably 2-3 years. Went on to work at both Helix and Lion Photo in Schamburg--both gone also. All the union stuff happened before I got there.

Don't remember too many names, it has been nearly 40 years! "Cherly" does ring a bell--tall, slender, short hair?
Also Urban Faber, son of White Sox Hall of Famer(?). Roomed with him while at Helix.

For now photography is just a casual, less than part-time hobby, but like I said am thinking of getting my first DSLR
(started out with a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic)

From the Chicago south suburbs,