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However... I started out to answer post #43, where keyofnight, in his pdf file, noticed a discrepancy. The TANK solution is essentially MORE CONCENTRATED than the REPLEN. I figure this cannot possibly be a "correct" formulation.
Looking through the MSDS and comparing what I see in these with the MSDS of these tank solutions, I could not see Iodide anywhere in the MSDS although it is most likely part of any correct C-41 formula. Given that MSDS don't have to list ingredients that are contained in low concentration, there is a very high chance that the Iodide is contained in one of these parts but simply not listed. We also know that Iodide will readily oxidize to Iodate unless protected by some other compound, and I would expect that HAS does this job in part B.

All this indicates that part B likely contains Iodide which is a much stronger restrainer than Bromide, and if you add too little of part B you will get fog and other issues.

And yes, as you stated, a confirmation from keyofnight would be nice, but given that these dev kits generally work well I am quite confident that his next negs will come out fine.