Recently purchased 2X 120/220 Roll Film backs model 2 from a Mamiya Press.
Apart from being bulky, I think they will work really nice on my RB, not that I have any problems with my current Pro-S backs, but I kind of fancy the idea of a straight forward film loading at the field (If needed), instead of loading the RB back, which sometimes can get tricky.
They have the P adapter and the M adapter, as I haven't received them yet I would like to ask if I need anything else to put them on my RB, or I just remove the revolving adapter and they fit straight on ?
On the Mamiya RB System chart it shows this sequence --> RB Body -> P Adapter -> M Adapter -> Mamiya Press Roll film back.
Also I have heard that they handle film flatness better than the RB backs is that true?
Anyone has any experience using this back? Any tips?

Thanks in advance.