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The original Clerks was shot in B&W for lighting and cost reasons, a budget of $20,000-$30,000 something like that, however once shot, it was given about 200,000 to get edited by... I think it was Miramax... Something like that, or for over $3,000,000 in the box office, bit big for the box office but huge for a $30,000 movie, but then, it was a cult classic and has done much better on VHS/DVD sales etc, so it's made much more.

Anyway, again, it takes a RARE film to be shot in B&W and make it... Joss Whedon's interpretation of "Much Ado About Nothing" was just in box offices (limited distribution) and did about $3,000,000 and was shot in B&W BUT digital B&W on a RED camera and Canon 7D

Alas if Joss had only done it on Kodak XX

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I am a huge Kevin Smith fan and weirdly enough whenever he gets a for him Big Budget the movies are not as good as his lower Budget stuff. I believe that a lot of DoP would give their right arm to shoot in real B/W unfortunately the Audience is mostly monochromophobic, good example is the Artist the Audience especially in the US was complaining about the lack of dialogue and color after watching a movie that was advertised as being a silent movie and B/W (digital unfortunately)