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$500?? Wow, I didn't think it cost so much unless you had some high powered models. Your lucky you live in a big city. With my local, nothing but flakes. I could never get one from MM. One model went around for a couple months writing and canceling. A gal just wrote me a few days ago. Sounded like it might work out. Then nothing, she flaked out as well. If my photo work revolved around models from MM I guess I'd probably be quiting too! Glad it works out for you!

Do you do much street shooting in DC. I'd love to be close by to DC. DC must be a dream city for street shooting.
I think you have to get in to the $500+ range to get folks who are reliable, because you need to book through an agency, not through MM. I've largely stopped using MM to find models now - I'm going back to the friends network, that is, I ask friends to do it. IF they say yes, then it really means yes, and we have a good shoot and it all works out.

I do a lot of street shooting in DC, although more buildings/urbanscapes than people per se. Any decent size city is good for street shooting, really, all depends on your perspective. I think there's a fine line between being anonymous as a street photographer and being known as a street photographer - sometimes it's easier if nobody really knows who you are because then they don't care, but sometimes it would be easier if folks know you because then they know what you're doing with their photos and might be more amenable to being photographed.