Yesterday, I had my first experience. I must say it is very easy to loose track of time in a dimly lit room. :P It was quite fun even though my prints did not come out as I have hoped.

Here are a few new guy questions. I am using ilford paper developer and some brand of paper that I have not heard of before that I picked up at Arts Camera. I developed the paper at a minute and a half, stopped and fixed for 3. The safe light is OC Amber.

What I am wondering is when I created the test prints, a print calculator was used. The best print times were 5 and 8 seconds depending on the neg. when it comes time to make the actual print using the chosen time, the print comes out dark, darker then what was shown on the test print. I did not try the standard method of creating a test print. A 2.5 contrast filter was used. Is this common when using a print calculator?