Most Museums are not interested in submissions . They have walls built up to protect them from floods of image makers pleading with them to show work.
If your work is in their mandate , some times you will get invited to exhibit which usually they cover the costs.
To date I have produced six solo shows for larger venues for photographers I print for. They include the Smithsonian, George Eastman House, and three at the Royal Ontario Museum, As well numerous prints for group shows that is a very large list, this is after 30 years of working .
I do not use this as a benchmark of success , as I believe that you are only as good as what you can produce each day, that I use as my goal.

On a personal level I doubt that any Museum is thinking , boy we should ask Bob Carnie for his solarizations.. this just does not happen. I am approaching hundreds of gallery's, to show the work I have produced, but I am following their guidelines to a tee and never send unsolicited submission. I am looking at their other artists and seeing if my work could work in their gallery .
This takes time, years in fact and my hope is one day this to pay off , but I am not banking on it , rather I am enjoying moving my work around to different city's, visiting the city's , meet new friends and associates, and for me that is all I can ask for. Many years from now I will learn if my work has any legs, but now its just hard work moving it about.

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I use clamshell boxes and post bound binders for the most part with my prints.

Have you done any work trying to get into museums or other institutions?