I don't think we can say anything meaningful about OP's development time without knowing what kind of paper is being used, developer dilution, temperature etc.

Proper, informative test strips/prints are essential in my opinion.

zackesch: If you are just starting out, I suggest some printing basics from Ilford and Kodak. Below are some links - including how to properly test your safelight. It is difficult to be specific about safelights and where to have them because it depends on the filter, how bright it is, what kind of paper you are using etc. But generally speaking a typical rule of thumb is for it to be at least 4 feet away from where your paper is. The Kodak reference document talks about safelight placement.

Printing - basics/beginner

Printing - any level

Contrast control

Black-and-White Tips and Techniques for Darkroom Enthusiasts

Darkroom design for beginners

Safelights, placement and testing (menu at bottom of document)