Just to update: the camera is back on the move again. Sorry for the slight delay everyone!

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Some good news and bad news...

The good news is: I know where the camera is -- it's in my house.

The bad news is: I know where the camera is -- it's in my house.

Some Japan Post guy came to my door tonight (I was expecting my package from Amazon) and after a fairly convoluted discussion in Japanese (which I really don't understand), we were able to determine that JapanPost has figured out that there is some kind of "machine" in my package (a.k.a. "the camera") that has a battery in it, which is apparently very dangerous ("security very very"). So looks like I'll have to remove the battery in order to get it out of the country. I suppose I could just keep it in the box, outside of the camera, but I have a feeling I'd just get another knock on the door reminding me of the very very security risk I have on a package covered in Hello Kitty stamps.

So there'll be a slight delay (I'll get it out tomorrow or this weekend), and I guess I can be pretty confident that the x-rays they used to scan the package will have erased the beautiful, but rare, three-horned Japanese unicorn (smaller than the regular kind, of course) that I managed to capture in the bamboo grove at my university.