I made my first salt prints today (which would not have been possible without fellow APUGer, Hexavalent, guiding me through the weird stuff). It was mostly successful (and very exciting, like my first print ever), but I need to produce negatives better suited to salt printing. There was just not enough contrast. The range in the negative was about 1.3 above fbf. I have read it should be about 1.7 or even 2.0.

I am pretty much immersed in the Zone System so I am trying to get my head around what to do for negatives for salt printing. I have read that negatives should be developed about 150% of normal. If I meter a scene and it shows normal development, should I then just add 50% development? What if the scene I meter indicates, say, N-2 development. Should I just develop that normally?

Is there a good online explanation of this?