I've changed my vision in two ways, process and subject matter.

When I first started I quickly migrated from C41 to E6 and stayed there. The quality of my images was nothing to write home about though. So I looked around for a suitable course. However, the only one I could find had a sizeable amount of darkroom work on the course. This didn't appeal to me at all, and I nearly didn't take the course because of it!

Three months into the course I went out and bought a complete secondhand darkroom (everything except the walls, floor and ceiling!) from a chap advertising in Loot at a knockdown price. Three years on, I'd rather print than shoot (I'm keen, not necessarily any good, but keen!).

Subjectwise, I always wanted to take landscape shots. My results have been less than inspiring though. I seem to have more luck with B&W candid people shots and E6 flower macros and have therefore gone in this direction.

More recently I seem to be returning to my (admittedly shallow!) roots, with images by Tim Rudman and a certain Mr McLean fueling the fire. My images have so far been very conventional in composition, but the more I see other people's work the more I wish to experiment and try new approaches to old subjects.

Nige recently posted this link http://www.photocritique.net/g/s?zzig4c-p21162059 The weird thing is I wouldn't have bothered taking any of those shots... ...and I like all of them!

Obviously I have a long way to go... I just wish I'd started sooner!

Sorry for the long-winded post.



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