And why they do have their disadvantages. My darkroom is in the laundry room. Normally no problem at all, enough room for a 4X5 enlarger and making 20X24 prints. Biggest problem is that once a week my wife takes over the room and does the laundry. No big deal. The biggest problem is that on Saturday the washer decieded to blow up its pump. As this was a 3 day weekend, we were stuck big time. Half the laundry done and worse of all, I couldn't print. Being the trooper that I usually am, I shot all day today and a bit on Sunday. Film I can do in the kitchen so when the washer is fixed or we have a new one installed, I will be more than ready to get back at it. Moral of the story? Laundry rooms are great, but sometimes they are not what you were hoping for. Don