This is a vintage Paterson Universal Tank in good working order and also nice cosmetic condition as you can see from the pictures. It includes all the parts - the tank and lid, ball-bearing ratcheting reel (3-parts), fill funnel/cap, and also an "economizer" cylinder which allows you to use less volume of chemistry for the larger format films. As best I can tell from this site, this particular model appears to date from c.1954. Aside from being a nice piece of photographic/darkroom memorabilia for a collector, it is also useful for developing some odd film formats as the plastic reel is adjustable to accommodate formats including 35mm, 127, 120/620, and 116/616. That is actually why I purchased it originally - specifically for developing found film in 116/616 format. It does work for this, but I found a couple disadvantages which may or may not apply to you depending on how you like to develop. For one, the fill and dump times are somewhat long compared to modern tanks, which is maybe not a problem if you develop in a darkroom and are able to dunk the reel in all at once (or else just don't mind the extra time). The other thing is that it is designed for the Paterson "twizzling" agitation method as opposed to inversion (it may leak if you try to invert it). Once again, maybe not a problem if that is how you like to agitate, but I am used to inversion. As for me, until I find a stainless steel reel for 116 developing, my modified modern Paterson reel and tank is going to have to do, so it is time to get rid of this one.

I am asking $15 + shipping for it, and I will accept PayPal
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