Well, lets continue on for the edification of future internet searchers. I've disassembled this shutter completely. I had to--the aperture blades had slipped out of their sockets after the solvent treatment. I discovered a past worker had likewise disassembled the aperture pivot plate and had bent a couple of the aperture blades slightly. I had the dickens of a time putting the upper pivot-slot plate back in proper position such that the aperture assembly could move full travel. After finishing, it has a tendency to jam and want to cause the blade pivots to slip under and past their slots.
Oiling does help, but not a lot--the blade pivots still want to slip underneath the slot-plate and jam the mechanism. And this is where I have reached a conclusion regarding lubrication. Lubrication MUST be used on this mechanism, but I think it should be graphite, not oil. I believe graphite should be allowed to migrate on the aperture blade surfaces, further reducing the binding problem which causes the aperture-blade pivots to slip underneath and past their slots, causing jamming, bending, and probable breakage of aperture blades. I'm going to soak it in naptha to remove any oil I applied tonight and go buy some graphite tomorrow. The design of this shutter inherently causes oil to migrate out onto the aperture blade surfaces. This is bad. If graphite migrates, it seems that would actually be for the better.