Well, it looks like I finally have success in printing even color and even tone for the whole roll. I know the last post I THOUGHT I did, but this only held true for individual images not intended to be spliced together. When I scanned the images to begin the 4' x 8' mosaic . . ., not even close. The scanned files really amplified even the slightest color shift. I have now arranged 7 color adjustment "sections" in addition to the previously mentioned lavendar correction. I mentioned the solar flare in one of the last posts, but I failed to mention that this flare shifts from the lower right corner to the upper left corner of the negative as each flight changes direction. This set up of seven filters is maintaining not only through one flight but so long as I flip the roll (easier than flipping the filters) for every other flight, the corrections are holding. YEAH!!

This past weekend I had an unexpected rush to mosaic 12 images mostly of foothills north of town for a client (ie no clean street lines to splice at, streets are more forgiving with color shifts) and it looks great! I've printed another 90 and started scanning them in yesterday for the big mosaic. (Of course then my puter crashed and I spent all day fixing it, but...)hopefully this time it will piece together without color incidents. When I get a little while later this week or next I will try to upload a corrected and an uncorrected image along with a rough sketch of the filter set up if anyone is interested.