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All Fuji Films are made with a polyester base as far as im aware, and it doesnt seem people are reporting this yellowing issue with their films.
Unless this polyester base in the AGFA stock is ultra clear and allowing more light through?


True, but i thought pretty much all films today had switched over to polyester, mainly because of its long term stability, it does not degrade or break down, well at least not for hundreds of years :P
From the Provia datasheet: "Base Material ......... Cellulose Triacetate

It is unusual for any roll film to be coated on polyester. Kodak and Harman (Ilford) sheet films are, and certain specialty films have been in the past (HIE and tech pan spring to mind) but in general if it's 120 or 135 film it's on Cellulose Triacetate.