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regarding light piping.....

when i got my 100 foot roll, i loaded 6 rolls. the first 4 were shot within a week of loading them and they came out great. the other two sat in white film cans. about 2-3 months later i shot the other two rolls. the first 6 frames on those rolls had a terrible yellow cast, then next 3 a light yellow cast and the rest where fine. so if you do load them use them ASAP.
I am wondering if the rolls stored in the white film cans caused the film to light pipe a 2 0r 3 month exposure? were the film cans like the type you can almost see into like the Fuji plastic film cans?

I have been storing my bulk loaded Wittner Chrome 200 in black film cans and have been careful not to open the film cans unless it is in really dim light.

I loaded an additional 3 to 4 frames leading and trailing to my 36x rolls, seems to be working out well so far.