The good point of LF is that you seldom buy new - and if you buy used, you can usually sell for the similar price. So you can try some lenses until you find the best set for you.

A few people already recommended you an old Symmar 150mm f/5.6, convertible to 270mm f/12 - it's a very good lens for reasonable money at 150mm, but don't even try it at 270mm.

From my experience one cannot transfer ones shooting customs from small or medium formats to large one. Even if you usually shoot wide angle using your (D)SLR, it may be quite otherwise using a view camera. Only aspect that remained unchanged in my case was inability to take good pictures...

As for Petzvals - they usually don't have a shutter, so you have to solve this somehow:
- stick to slow films or wet plate and use a hat as they did in the 19th century
- stick to orthochromatic or blue-sensitive materials, shoot with flashes or light painting and use safe-light in the otherwise dark studio
- install the lens behind or before a shutter (a big 'modern' one, or a kind of Packard)
- buy a Sinar with behind-the-lens shutter
- buy a Speed Graphic or any other camera with focal plane shutter (you may have much less movements than you would like)