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I love Tri-X too, but with a little work good pictures can be had with any film. Because I am curious, and because I know some people that have been extraordinarily kind to give me film for free, I can honestly say that TMax 400 and HP5+ gives me prints that I like equally much to those shot with Tri-X.
Are there differences? Sure there are.
Does it really make or break the picture? Hell no.
Indeed, Thomas. The main differences between films are granularity, and within a speed category (and grain type - ie tabular vs non-tabular) those differences tend to be pretty small. The gradation (tonality) characteristics of most current films in the ISO range of say 100-400 are very similar overall with few exceptions (such as TXP 320). Actually, in a "blind test", barring extreme procedures, I'd bet most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between say TX400 and HP5. I often wonder how/why it is people are so emphatic about certain films vs other films when they can never even state clearly what the differences are. You get a guy saying one film has incredible tonality vs another film which is terrible, when in fact the characteristic curves may be virtually identical. Strange how that works.