2bits, you will find that much of the time the manual is assuming a level of understanding that no longer exists in the camera world. These were made for newpaper reporters who generally got shown how to use it or they already knew (think of the era...zero automation on cameras).

Nice set up by the way. Remember if you find a "real" Super 23 (it took me two years to find one in good cosmetic condition that needed a total overhaul), everything will fit and can be used. I believe if you find a Universal, the same will be true.

If you need service, I hope you can find someone to work on it. I can recommend Clarence Gass who may or may not still have his camera repair shop in Kansas Ctiy, Kansas. One of the last, great experts who can CLA......well, lets just say I gave him a camera that was completely and absolutely non functional. I got back a Super 23 that was as close to "factory fresh" as one could get. He even explained how a previous repair was done wrong. If he has closed the store, he is doing it at the house......he is in the phone book and lives just south of Overland Park. It's worth the time to call him. Best money I have ever spend on or for a camera.

In between the manual and spending some quality time with your camera, most functions can be figured out. Because I don't use mine as much as I should, most times I have to learn how to use the camera again too. As someone else said too, get a nice light meter. You don't need to waste film. If I can find the right webpage, I will come back and give you a link to a thread from the photo.net website where the guy who has a complete universal setup (that recommended Clarence Gass).....he has taken photos on his press camera that will demostrate the absolutely amazing photos these cameras are capable of in the right hands.

Bob E.