The reflex viewer and cambo back have been sold.
The 100WFE +sg board, 150 and 180 RB67 lenses are also gone.
The 240 has been traded, and I am no longer looking for a wide angle.

*** Bump Time Price Reductions ***
#20, Galvin outfit with custom made RB67 lens adaptor, lens boards, recessed board, AND Polaroid back (takes current Fuji film @ only 85 cents per) now $390
#21, the 6x9 graflex pin roller back, reduced to just $70

Feel free to make offers, especially if you want more than one thing!

ANSCO film holders, $25 each plus shipping. Wow that's cheap, someone buy these before I take my plane to the edges and make them fit my C1. One or both. I'll throw in some random bit from my junk-drawer if you buy both!