Bob, I appreciate all the good info! After making the film loading mistakes on the first roll, I finally took the time to load properly and was amazed how simple it really was.
I have gone through the whole camera now and am impressed with it's simplicity. The shutter speeds on all three lenses appear to be right on. And everything seems to be working fine. I bought this from an old timer locally, who let me have it all for $100. Which I think is pretty fair for what all there is.
The only thing to really get used to is all the steps to operate it. I have some nice folders that are simple to operate compared to this. But am looking forward to using it for the 6X7 especially!
Clarence "Gass" is an appropriate name for what I just got into! Will look him up if I run into problems.
I've got a little help with seals coming from Jon Goodman, and that's about all I'll need for right now.
Thanks again for all the info,