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The 135 f2.8 is a good but not spectacular lens. For the price you can't go too far wrong, but it does have perceptible pincushion distortion - something you'd not expect from a Zeiss/Contax lens, but it's there. Thus the price. I'll content myself with shooting the 135 f2 L on my Canon rig when I want/need something in that focal length.
Yeah I know it's not a terrific performer and has some issues but for the price I'll satisfy my curiosity and see what I think. Plus I just got an AX body for a steal and had fun using it with the 85/1.4 Planar this last weekend. Thing was I found myself wanting something longer and the 180/2.8 was just too big to carry for this informal shoot I did so I figure I'll try the 135/2.8.

By the way the 85/1.4 performed flawlessly on the AX with hardly a shot not in tack sharp focus even wide open though most shots were at f/2 and 2.8 as it was quite bright out.

As for the 135 length I have some nice "Sonnar" types for my Leicas (the Nikkor-H, which has been a very nice performer) and for my Contax IIIa (I think the 135/4 Sonnar, I'm not home now to check). But using such on a rangefinder vs an SLR, especially the AX, is a very different experience.