Hi Eugene,
I'm curious what continents are participating? Could you make a simple head count?

BTW: I have 3 colour films off to the lab and 2 B&W films waiting for home processing, shot with my Rolleiflex T2 (6x4.5 cm), my Bronica SQ-B (6x6 cm) and my new Kowa Kallo 35 mm rangefinder. And two more films almost full in my Leica III (from 1936) and my new Nikon F90x (= N90s in USA).
Surely I'll find something to print nicely and send somewhere around the world??

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I have Bob (megzdad81) added to the list. We are about a week away from the end of the sign up period. If you are thinking of joining, don't wait too long!

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