I've got three of these Yashica MG-1's so I've decided to sell one of them. Although 'Electro' isn't stamped on the body, the MG-1 is considered the last of the Electros. The lens is a 45mm 2.8, the automatic shutter range is 3 seconds to 1/500. One feature that I like about it over the Electros is that the light sensor is located just above the lens so you do not have to adjust the asa dial if you are using a filter. The self timer works.

It was cla'd by Russ Sisco at www.camerarefurb.com. The viewfinder is clear, the seals were replaced. It used the now banned PX32 5.6v mercury battery but you can use a px28 6v battery with an adapter from www.yashicaddiction.com.

It comes with strap lugs and a Yashica lens cap.

$45 dollars via Paypal or postal money order includes shipping within the U.S. P.M. me for an international shipping charge.