Photos for 1-5. Meters not tested on any of these at this point. Taking offers if you don't like the prices I've listed: I'm trying to clear everything out so I can get back into the darkroom.

1. Honeywell Spotmatic, mirror seems locked up but film advance/shutter seems to be fine. Finish has some wear but it is complete. Serial: 4342727. $10 plus shipping.
2. K1000, shutter sounds good. Finish is in good but not excellent shape. Serial: 7674477. $25 plus shipping.
3. Mamiya/Sekor 1000TL (Not the spot meter version). Includes Mamiya 55/1.8 and UV filter. Shutter sounds good. $40 plus shipping.
4. Ricoh TLS (dual viewfinder version). Cracked mirror, but functions fine. Body only. $15 plus shipping.
5. Sears 80-200/4.0 (K-mount) with extended macro range. $15 plus shipping.