Photos for 6-10.

6. Saitex 28/2.8 in K-mount, clean glass and snappy aperture. $10 plus shipping.
7. Quantaray 28/2.8 in M42, 1:4 close focus. Clean glass and snappy aperture. $15 plus shipping.
8. Sigma 35-70/2.8-4 in K mount, 1:6.7 close focus. "Zoom-Master" and multicoated, very compact (about the same size as a 50/4 macro). Includes original caps. $15 plus shipping.
9. Pentax A3000. Corrosion in battery chamber, shutter blades are jacked up and mirror is up but maybe you can use the lens mount or use it as a test camera for adapting lenses to K mount??? $5 plus shipping, free with any other purchase.
10. Pentax Takumar-A 70-200/4 in K mount. Glass is clean, all functions but it has been knocked into something or dropped due to damage at the end of the barrel. I used this on my DSLR for a few images and IQ was fine. $10 plus shipping.