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I did some safelight testing tonight with Arista paper and the 1.8W red LED that arrived first from eBay. It's OK at 16s but fails at only 32s of exposure.

I tested again with two layers of rubylith over the front of the lamp and it passes at 512s (about 8:30) with pre-flashed paper. I didn't bother testing any longer than that because a) I'm impatient and b) I never have paper out that long.
This has been my similar experience with my (635nm) red LEDs in the past. I know you know that, but thought I'd chime in as I've been following this thread.

As mentioned several times earlier, using unfiltered LED light my pre-flashed tests failed after only a few minutes. But using a single layer of Rubylith I was able to completely eliminate the visually detectable blue and green spikes from my LEDs, then successfully test them with pre-flashed Ilford MGIV FB and RC as safe out to at least 60 minutes. I too gave up at that point.

They are not as bright as you describe. But I use six of them mounted in-line on a DIY fixture held magnetically on the top of my suspended Thomas Duplex and bounced off the above white ceiling tiles. This gives an excellent spread of soft red that does allow fine easel focusing of projected images, while allowing easy visibility of everything else in the darkroom.

And best of all, my whites stay brilliantly white. Even when using Slavich papers.

This is a valuable thread.