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??? Your post makes little sense to me. For example, what do you me by the "rangefinder flange" There is a flange on the camera body onto which the lens sits.
What I meant was the bit on the lens that contacts the rangefinder cam in the body. On some of my lenses it's an entire ring around the inside of the lens that rotates when it moves closer to/from the film, on others it's a ~1cm-wide bit of metal that just moves in and out to move the rangefinder cam.
My reasoning is that if the mounting flanges on the lens and/or camera wear down, then the lens screws on a bit farther each time, the elements are closer to the film so go 'past' infinity, but the rangefinder cam is also pushed the same distance, so it all evens out.

(but yes, my post wasn't meant to make sense. Translated, it means you can either not use your lenses, miss shots because you've got the 'wrong' lens on, and keep them in useless pristine condition, or you can use them as intended and not worry about some minor wear and tear that may result from taking great shots...)