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I did some safelight testing tonight with Arista paper and the 1.8W red LED that arrived first from eBay. It's OK at 16s but fails at only 32s of exposure.

I tested again with two layers of rubylith over the front of the lamp and it passes at 512s (about 8:30) with pre-flashed paper. I didn't bother testing any longer than that because a) I'm impatient and b) I never have paper out that long.

The thing is so bright that it's impossible to compose in the easel with it on, because it completely washes out the projected image. Really, incredibly bright, with perfect visibility into the darkest corners of the darkroom; probably a good 6 stops brighter than the 3-LED bike light I was using. I'm going to have to rig up a switch or something, maybe some black tape across the front to dim it by a stop or two.
I didn't even bother to test mine without the rubylith, however I'm surprised it's so short of a time.

I really appreciate the fact that my timer turns off the safelights now that I have the red ones near the enlarger. Can you use a different relay to switch the power? The one I'm using has three wire positions, so when you close the enlarger wire it opens the safelight wire. These are very small and cheap from ebay and amazon.