I have a package of 10 sheets of Forte Polywarmtone FB Plus (16x20/semi-matte) that I bought on a whim a few years ago but never got around to using. I'm trying to identify a project to use it on and would like to make the most of my limited supply by avoiding unnecessary experimentation. My intent is to do smaller prints (8x10 or smaller) to stretch my stock.

Does anyone want to opine on the following questions?

1) Preferable paper developers? I typically use D-72 1+2 mixed from scratch and just started to use Formulary 130 1+1. However, I have chemicals on hand to mix up most of the developers in the Darkroom cookbook.

2) Comparison to other papers? I have been printing on MGWT quite a bit recently and would be interested in knowing how Polywarmtone compares.

3) Toning preferences? I typically tone for 3-5 minutes in KRST 1+9 to get rid of any green tone and increase Dmax, but occasionally do some toning in gold and/or thiocarbamide.

Thanks in advance!