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The Nikkor 300-M f/9 is a fantastic lens for landscape. You will love it!
I've had one for over 20 years, used it a few times and never printed from the negatives. I'd sell it except it's my only 10x8 lens with flash sync (of that FL).

We don't really have the wide open landscapes in the UK for lenses like the 300mm M Nikon, I don't in Turkey either (where I shoot). Maybe it's my way of working I found a 135mm to long for 35mm and later used mostly the 70-90mm end of my 70-210 zoom.

A down side to the 300mm Nikon is they require full extension on most 5x4 cameras which can be problematic if there's any wind or breeze about, in many ways a 270mm Tele lens would be much more practical but a bit heavier.