Another update...

The trip to the canyon was great. Hauling the 645 around my neck or in a backpack going up and down trails is a PITB but worth it. Amazingly, not many if any other film cameras showed up on the trails. Perhaps some of those 35mm cameras but I think most of those were high end digitals. And the only people who even recognized what I was carrying were from Asia. They were impressed I was hanging a 645 1000 around my neck, with a 45mm lens, yellow or red filter...

But now... she want to come back and do the rim to rim. And by gawd, if she wants to do it, we will do it. Dad needs to get in shape in the next year... Now to figure out what camera to take to the bottom of the canyon. Lots of time to decide.

Home tomorrow. Hope the truck makes it, the transmission is getting a bit persnickity going into gear at stop lights. Could be too much continuous 75 to 80 mph running. Could be numerous down shift, up shift combos going through the mountains.

Wish me luck again or I might be doing a photo series on sitting by the side of interstate 5 in the San Jaquine valley.

I would recommend the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to anyone. Peace and relaxation. And bitches of trail hikes if you are so inclined.

tim in Las Vegas NV.