Chris, Thanks for offering the Sinar bits. I don’t know if anyone else here has one. Mine is an 8x10 and has spent much of its life here as a very expensive paper towel rack. I had bought it to expand on the 4x5 macro work I did for two series. Perhaps the next cold winter we have that will become attractive again.

Peter, Thanks for posting work from the Flats. That area has given both of us many photographic subjects for at least a year. If any of you haven’t been there it is at least worth a look. It has changed every week we have gone there and been a great subject source.

Lee & Jeff, As I encountered, Hale Farm is not very tripod friendly. The only person I know who has gotten around this is Robert Pucket, who has shot 8x10 wet plate, essentially period one off portraits of the costumed actors in each building. He becomes part of the period show and can’t reprint his images. Good luck with your efforts.

I asked for myself in 2008-9 when I had my 15 month, 30 image, 7x17 show at the parent museum, Western Reserve Historical Society. They had no interest in my continuing at Hale even though they liked and paid for the canal pictures.

Dorothy, You are welcome to come, with or without work. Next time though we want to see the gum bichromate experiments. I haven’t heard anything from Dan and Silke. Jeff, have you heard anything? They are always fun and welcome.

I have two UV light source boxes. 11x14 from Bostick & Sullivan
and an Ameragraph V28 1200 watt mercury vapor plate burner. I don’t remember which I showed you, but I will be happy to show what I have.

Looking forward to the weekend and our enjoyable visitors. You all come. I have grass to mow, a porta potty to order and doggies to pickup from the Labrador sitter.