I realise this don't really fit here but I found no subforum about photographing tehniques.

Are you disturbed by the excessive use of wide angle lenses? (I suppose mostly zooms.)
I am, reason is the distorsion they give.

Look at this picture for example:

Was it necessary to be shot witha wide angle? A few steps back would have done the same without ditorting the margins.

When did it become common place in reportage photography to use wide angle lenses just because we could?
I don't see this type of images in the reportages of the 70s and 80s.
Just because these days every reporter has a zoom going from extreme wide angle into the telephoto does this make it necessary every second picture shows egg shaped and plated heads? I can accept these picutres as a compromise when the shot could not be taken otherwise. But often this is not the case. Very often.