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Are you disturbed by the excessive use of wide angle lenses? (I suppose mostly zooms.)
I am, reason is the distorsion they give.

Just because these days every reporter has a zoom going from extreme wide angle into the telephoto does this make it necessary every second picture shows egg shaped and plated heads? I can accept these picutres as a compromise when the shot could not be taken otherwise. But often this is not the case. Very often.
I have been bothered by this as well. As you say, a compromise when an image cannot be made another way...? Absolutely, especially in journalism.

That being said, I find the distortion produced by an extreme wide-angle to be incredibly distracting and that it has the effect of pulling me OUT of the scene. Of course there are cases where I think it has been well used, but not often. In my own work I try to avoid the extremes of focal length, both long and wide, so as not to make the optical qualities of my lenses the focal point of my photographs.

To each their own...