Nature report:

I just finished mowing around the house, stopped for fuel and started down by the camping area. A large wild turkey came out from under the big maple tree just west of the house. Rather than run or fly away the turkey stayed about fifty feet ahead of me on the tractor going down into the camping site and then went off into the woods about where the blue spruce fell during Sandy, roughly straight across the pond from the house. Dorothy, I think you will prefer turkey to Coyote. Bring your own cranberry sauce.

All around the edge of the camping site and the grass road to the driveway there are either blackberries or raspberries. The red ones need to ripen. The black ones are delicious. Jeff will make runs to the Country Maid with you to get ice cream.

Ticks are still out. The OH Dept. of Natural Resources recommends sticking your pants into your socks and spraying your socks and pants bottoms with a .5% solution of Permethrin. The Colonial Pharmacy just south of IRA Rd. and Cleveland Massilon Rd. carries a lice bedding spray whose active ingredient is Permethrin. It costs less than $5. Even with this and Frontline on the dogs, we have brought 23 ticks home with us from both the Park and our yard. Some of the ticks can carry Lyme disease which can be fatal, so please be forewarned if you walk in our yard or the Park.

A nest of hornets was found in the rafters over our west deck, by the kitchen. Orkin is visiting Thursday. I don’t know if the hornets will be dead by Friday. Please avoid the west side of the house between the maple tree and the tractor shed.

Welcome to the suburbs-country.