A friend of mine and I talk quite a bit about how passionate we are about our hobbies. He's a really talented guitar player and I'm a really uhh....well I'm a photographer :P. But I also have a huge passion for motorsports. You get the idea.

He has talked about moving to a new city so he could be a part of a larger pool of musicians in an effort to form a band since we live in a very "compartmentalized" artistic area (Detroit). There are definitely artists here but the true artists seem to stay to themselves unlike the many "poseurs" in the area. Yes being in a band is a lot different than being a photographer since photography is usually a one man show but the idea made me curious.

It makes me realize that for a city as large as we live in, I have NEVER seen anyone else shooting film. And I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen a digital shooter out taking photographs.

On the other hand when I went to Tokyo, film culture was enormous there and more people seemed aware of film still being around.

This makes me think, do you guys live in a place with lots of photographers? What do you say to them if your paths cross? Just a fun thread I guess, I wasn't sure where else to put it.