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A number of years ago, going through security at an airport, I opened my briefcase and the young lady there saw my Contax IIA. She was ready to call a security guard when another inspector (and I) told her it was a camera! She said she never saw a camera like that. If that's who checks carry-ons for TSA, we're all in a lot of trouble.
Perhaps eight years ago I went through security with my Pentax LX outfit. I was told "Turn it on!" When I explained that it was a film camera the guards relented. Of course, I could have turned it on, but no screen would have lit up. At least I'd had the forethought to carry it unloaded, should the guards have wanted to verify that it was a camera. As far as your last sentence, given the poor pay, lousy working conditions, and general dislike from the public, how can we expect the "best and the brightest" to line up to work for TSA?