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@tron: It was one image I saw today and it shows what I consider disturbing about extreme wide angles. It may be a poor example for the reason Vaughn mentioned, we were not there. (Although I'm shure it was not the only photograph the reporter took. It cost nothing to play with the zoom, if you can't move some steps further or nearer. And also scissors still exist, even in PS.) But I think my example illustrates very well that the persons gett egg heads and look like cut out of cardboard.
Regarding the example of the car I have exactly the same problem. It just don't show the object as my eyes see it. Ofcourse this is not a point, effects can be welcome, but than I want to see the reason they are used. You say it is cool, can agree with you (at least when I see it once or twice, it becomes boring after the 20th photograph), problem is it is used even i product photogrpahy. I don't want to buy a car cut out of cardboard and with egg shaped wheels.
You may have misunderstood my post, I said it was "cool" as in many people think it looks cool. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people that thinks it looks good and I agree it looks kind of weird haha. I definitely agree that wide angles have gotten more popular.

Imo it's just a trend and I think it's going to fade away like the numerous photographic trends that have come before this one.