I live in rural Mississippi, about 15 mi. from the closest town of about 5000. We travel to other cities, like Oxford (Ole Miss university) and Jackson from time to time, but I never remember seeing someone out taking pictures. Maybe sometimes at an event, or wedding, but not just out taking pictures. I'm sure there are some doing this at some time, somewhere, but probably digital. People are always surprised when they find out I'm using film, and even more so when I tell them I develop it myself. In fact, someone asked about the Retina camera I was using the other day, and when I replied it was a Kodak camera made in Germany, they said "Germany? I thought Kodak was Japanese!" Yikes! I was kind of speechless for a minute before telling them that Kodak was an American company. The response, "Really?"
So to answer the question, no, this is definitely NOT a "highly photographic" area.