I am pretty far out in the suburbs of Philadelphia and there are lots of historic sites, rolling hills, farms, rivers and scenery as well as railroads and "infrastructure" subjects available. I can't say I see too many of what I might call "serious" photographers, but the shirt pocket P&S bit zappers and smart phones are often seen recording things both dramatic and mundane. My most recent impressive sighting was northwest of here at the remains of an old iron works on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. As I wandered around the outside of one of the major buildings looking for a suitable shot, I encountered a guy with a handcart full of gear centered around an Arca monorail 4x5. I was hard to miss, bearing a brand new, somewhat elegant homemade 8x10 pinhole camera and so we had a good discussion. He lives in the Lehigh Valley and is selling LF work as an avocation.

Obviously in "Old City" Philadelphia where there are things like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, there is a lot of photographic activity, though perhaps not a large percentage goes beyond vacation snapshots.