... The question was... Oh, yeah!! - "Has my vision changed?"
Of course! I, we all, change, each and every day. There is a part of us... No, that is misleading ... we are integrated beings. Our "being" is affected by the sum total of our experiences. We necessarily, invariably, and infallibly, *perceive* our surroundings slightly differently as we exist.
We could easily be back to one of the "classic" questions - "What *IS* vision?"

To me. my "vision" manifests itself as something of a small, still, *silent* voice (sounds strange - but I don't know how else to describe it) that starts things going. I can glance at a girl in a coffee shop and "see" an image of a heavily talcum-powdered girl posed in the mode of the great Greek and Roman stautuary (Yes, Zoltan Glass' work has been the subject of a discussion or two). It is the precursor of concept.

Did someone here say something like "I'm not `advanced' enough to have a "vision"? Nothing could be further from the truth ... "expertise" has nothing to do with vision ... no more than it has on the interpretation of Rorshack Ink Blots.

I've found that children have "wonderful" visions ... and we do too ... except ours seem to have been heavily suppressed and repressed by "our peers" - society, convention, art critics, moralists ... all of the "Black Magicians".

An example: "You painted a *blue* horse??? Toatally unacceptable - horses are not blue. How *could* you ...?"