Hi All,

As the tile infers I am using potassium oxalate and want to get some feedback on other users experience. I am pleased with the developers performance, however I get large deposits of precipitate/crystals in my solution. I find I am loosing a lot of solution but that probably is more to do with not letting the papers drain enough. But the crystals are a problem as they just get bigger and bigger. Yesterday I heated up the left over solution with some added fresh stuff to a high temperature to put back in the bottle to get the crystals back in suspension. I then but it back on the heating element and proceeded to use it to develop after it was all in solution and at ~90C. Using it to develop was initially good and as expected, but within 20 seconds as the developer began to cool, it became a slushy mess. I thought it had ruined the print but it all seemed to wash off OK. Are others having this issues? Is this normal and if so what is your replenish method? I have just been topping up the bottle from B&S, but as I said the crystals at the bottom are building up significantly.