The ultra-wide aesthetic has its place, just as the meniscus lens aesthetic has its place. While it certainly has become more common as the price of wide-angle zooms has dropped just as the bottom end of the focal length, what bothers me more than the increased use in photojournalism is the prevalent use of inexpensive lenses with uncorrected distortion. There are also ways to shoot with such lenses that do not make the focal length the subject. Anyone can rationalize the use of a zoom in place of fixed focal length lens (don't even get me started on the late trend of incorrectly using the term "prime" lens as a synonym for fixed focal length, an entirely different thread) but I don't think a person making their living shooting can rationalize the purchase of an inferior lens. While a photojournalist wouldn't use a 38mm Biogon (I think that's the lens that is permanently attached to the SWC/M), there are plenty of high quality ultra-wides in every brand that can be carried without much additional weight. If the distortion is the issue, I'm in total agreement. If the focal length is the issue, I'm neutral.