Gerald - per Coca Cola. On one flight over to Hawaii we were in one of those three seat rows, and my wife naturally struck up a conversation with the lady
in the adjacent seat, who turned out be be a Coca Cola employee. So my wife asked her is she got all her cola free, but she replied that she wouldn't drink
it because every ingredient they used is classified as DOT hazardous! Of course it takes awhile for a carbonated beverage to rot your teeth out; but the
concentrated carbonic acid they use to begin with would cut a hole right thru you. No difference in a darkroom. I've got glacial acetic acid on hand, sulfuric
acid, potassium permanganate crystals - all kinds of things that would do you in if you took a gulp. The difference between kitchen vinegar used for salad
dressing and straight killer glacial acetic is just a matter of concentration. But in terms of getting in trouble in the long run, esp with alt printers, chromium salts are a serious offender. Probably not too many people work with mercury anymore, but there might be a few. Ordinary methyl alcohol is mighty bad.
Pyro can penetrate skin tissue and is suspected of being the cuprit behind the Parkinson's disease of several famous photographers back when people didn't
wear plastic gloves. I had to fill out some silly paperwork to get uranyl nitrate. Unfortunately, the nickname for it is yellowcake - but it would take a few
shiploads of the stuff to make a dirty bomb. The amount I keep on hand couldn't kill an aphid.