I live in Victoria's second largest city with a large number of real and wannabe photographers that I really never (but read about in the media, for whatever trivial reason they see themselves worthy of attention) see because they are wholely digital and are inescapably hooked on the mentality of shooting anything and everything pointlessly. I'm frowned upon for sticking to and speaking up for film (even though I do use digital also) in a city with only one camera store that ceased to stock film or any film cameras three years ago. Fast track 75km away to Melbourne, and there are thousands and thousands of real photographers that are generally seen any day of the week, with any sort of camera and especially, making a beeline into a store that still dedicates a lot of its stock acquisition to analogue and its pleasures, additional to the technicolour trojan of digital, paraded in jewel-like, halogen-flooded glass cages. After a day in Melbourne seeing so many people with so many cameras, I really treasure being the odd-one-out: coming home, going about each day and not seeing another person with a camera all week! I kind of like it that way. I was brought up in a vacuum and that's best for nurturing creativity.